Teams needed for European Cyber Security Challenge

3 May 2016

This year will see the second European Cyber Security Challenge, bringing together the best talent from over 8 EU countries.
The UK Cyber Security Challenge is keen to contribute a UK team of 10 people, five of them aged 14-20, and five aged 21-30, to participate in the competition.

Team members must not be currently employed in a cyber role, and not hold a masters level qualification.

The first round of qualification is already open and will close on May 28th, so there is some urgency to the Challenge’s request!

By way of inducement, the competition takes place in Germany in November with costs covered for the successful participants.

Please flag up this opportunity to your undergraduates or other potential candidates – details of the competition are in the attached flyer.  Should you (or the aspiring team members) have any questions or wish to engage, please contact Debbie Tunstall of the Cyber Security Challenge at: