Consumerisation Programme

 Pressures to adjust public, private and other sectors businesses to address challenges of the changing fiscal environment demand effective use of information to deliver goods and services efficiently to meet customer needs. This is causing a sea change in the use of information, known to some as consumerisation, to some as Cloud and to others as mobile computing.

The programme will identify the high level IA issues associated with consumerisation, assessing their importance, the business risks they pose and their impact on government bodies, private sector organisations, other sector bodies and individuals.

The outcome of IAAC’s research will recommend to all sectors of UK plc how best to address IA issues associated with this sea change.

The programme will set out to involve expertise from all sectors of the UK digital society. Our workshops will be opportunities for intense discussions between specialists from government, academia and private sector organisations.

The Programme Initiation Document that was launched at the IAAC Symposium on 7 September 2011, together with workshop reports, are still available. Contact us if you would like to see them.