IAAC wants to develop a truly national perspective and avoid leaving regional initiatives unsupported or absent. We aim to ensure our activities are representative of the communities we seek to serve and foster.   With this in mind, IAAC is extending its activities to the UK regions with the objective of initiating, amplifying and supporting regional initiatives that:

  • Drive opportunities to develop the cyber security sector and address the skills gap.
  • Generate a coherent and inclusive voice on cyber issues and research, with regional relevance.
  • Encourage adoption of good practice.
  • Create a safe online environment for citizens and businesses.
  • Address any regional strategic deficit, encourage collaboration and build and sustain relationships.
  • Link to national IAAC initiatives.

At a regional level, IAAC offers two core activities that comprise a top-down strategic approach and a bottom up grassroots approach.

The top down approach is chiefly facilitated through Private Discussion Meetings (PDM).  This relies on targeting and inviting influential guests to a dinner with a high-level speaker to network and discuss matters under the Chatham House rule.  The activity is not only informative, but creates and sustains the necessary relationships to drive the strategic objectives above.

The bottom up approach is the extension of the IAAC Access Programme. This is aimed at networking opportunities for early stage career individuals or mid-career changers. Without Access, opportunities for this group to meet are limited. They are valuable in terms of developing professional thinking and practice in an environment of considerable technological and social change.   The programme also creates a community of ambassadors, who can help speak to younger people about working in cyber security and knowledge based enterprises.

When combined with workshops and other knowledge sharing activities, these approaches, which have been shown to work at a national level, can act as a catalyst for regional development of cyber security and cyber safety opportunities. IAAC is currently searching for regional sponsors to support this work and to help develop the agenda along regional requirements and opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about our Regional work please contact .