IAAC Community of Interest

9 February 2016

09 February 2016

IAAC’s community of interest (CoI) is open to all those who share its mission, values and aims.

IAAC brings its sponsors and community of interest (CoI) to work together to help create an information society that is open, secure and productive.

It is open and secure so that the benefits of the digitally enabled economy can be realised, in which the balance between privacy and security is pursued with democratic and sustainable safeguards. It is productive because Government, businesses and academia are able to offer better services and technologies. IAAC believes that users and consumers of both should be confident they are trustworthy, safe and secure for themselves, their businesses and families. IAAC represents a significant national intellectual asset. Its breadth and depth of knowledge enables IAAC to advise policy makers and to contribute to the continuing evolution of sound working practices.