IAAC Access

The Information Assurance Advisory Council’s Access Group (IAAC Access) provides a home for early-stage professionals working in information assurance, cyber security and other information risk disciplines, here in the United Kingdom.

IAAC Access holds regular events on a wide-range of subject areas and facilitates networking between members and sponsors, aiming to promote the status and importance of information assurance in society.

Working with IAAC CEO Nigel Jones, the IAAC Access programme board has proposed the following to focus on.

  • Trust and social engineering
  • Future issues in information assurance
  • Cyber-terrorism risk and response
  • The viability of digital democracy and e-voting
  • Career pathways in information assurance

To find out more about attending any of the events or to get involved please email access@iaac.org.uk. Access linked in page:  https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12005382

The Board

The board consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

  • Chair: David Wilkinson
    David is the Executive Chairman of Soho Strategy, a software development and data science company in London. At SOHO his clients include the National Health Service, Cabinet Office, and United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate. David is Chair of the IAAC Access Programme.
  • Vice-Chair: Ese Oduyoye
    Ese emerged as the only female finalist in the 2015 Cyber Security Challenge and is currently employed by BT working as a Security Design Architect.
    Ese is currently the Vice Chair of the IAAC Access Programme where she intends to help new and upcoming Cyber Security Professionals. With a humble background and inquisitive thirst for technology and security; Ese is aware of the gender imbalance in her field and now thrives and encourages younger generation to get involved in Cyber Security. Ese is a BT Security Design Architect and is also a volunteer STEM Ambassador.
  • Secretary: Mark Cole
    Mark is currently a student at the University of Southampton, studying Web Science – a discipline that combines computer science and social science subjects such as economics, politics and sociology. He has served on the IAAC Management Committee since 2015, following his place at the 2015 Cyber Security Challenge UK masterclass. Recently, Mark has been on the founding IAAC Access committee as secretary, and also elected as a trustee of Southampton University Student’s Union. Mark has a range of IT experience in sectors including investment banking, children’s charities, secondary education and various startups.