How to get involved

Think of IAAC as a network of people who want to make a difference by addressing the challenges and opportunities of information society. There are many ways in which you can get involved.

First is by sharing and exchanging knowledge so that we learn from one another. Our workshops provide an opportunity for you to hear from others and contribute your expertise and experience. We set an agenda every year and look ahead three years to the challenges the community feel are important. We can only address those challenges if we tap into the experience of the community as a whole. We try to be inclusive and structure the research so that policy makers and leaders can have confidence in the results. Whilst the collective insight produced is why we offer the workshops, we always aim to ensure that everyone individually learns and develops through participation. Explore our events calendar and research pages.

Getting involved in our research opens up a range of other opportunities including invitations to events such as our private discussion meeting dinners where leaders in cyber security can discuss and challenge strategic issues in a trusted setting.

IAAC can only work through the voluntary efforts of its team. We are always looking for support, whether it is helping host, reporting, researching or facilitating events. We would be very happy to hear if you would like to be involved personally, or can offer support in kind, such as a venue.

Finally, IAAC events are for the most part offered free to participants. This is because of the generous support of our sponsors. You may wish to consider sponsorship which helps IAAC in its work and the community as a whole. Please see our sponsorship page for details.