Cyber Resilience

Why don’t organisations [communities] –  and how can they – manage their cyber resilience well enough to remain trusted by their stakeholders in the face of relentless cyber-attacks?

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Workshop One – 26th March 2019, Culture and Resilience

IAAC Cyber Resilience Workshop One Report

This workshop was held at Shrivenham on 26th March 2019. The report contains a rich set of observations  which should give pause for thought for anyone interested in culture, international supply chains, change programmes and resilience.

Workshop Two  – 3rd June 2019, A Compliance Eco-system

IAAC Cyber Resilience Workshop Two Report

The workshop, held at the University of Manchester, explored many of the fundamental elements at work in a potential cyber resilience compliance eco-system.

Workshop Three  – 11th November 2019, Towards a cyber resilient organisational culture

IAAC Cyber Resilience Workshop Three report

The workshop, held at the Aston University, Birmingham, adopted elements of the ‘soft systems’ approach to formulate a system view and understanding of how a Cyber Resilience eco-system might affect the behaviours of individuals, organisations and communities. By doing so, it sought to work towards establishing a cyber resilient organisational culture.