2019 UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge Announced

29 October 2018

Registration is now open for the second annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge in London, co-hosted by the Atlantic Council and the Royal United Services Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: This competition is only open to undergraduate and post-graduate students from universities in the United Kingdom, who have not yet entered full-time employment (at time of registration). Each team member must submit an individual registration form.

Registration for competitors will close at

NOON GMT on November 30, 2018. 

In order to be considered for a place in the UK Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, by the registration deadline of Noon GMT on November 30, 2018, each registered team must also submit via email their answers to the three questions outlined below.  Each answer should be no more than 75 words.

Please send your answers via email to Safa Shahwan of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative at sshahwan@atlanticcouncil.org

1. What would you consider to be the most significant cyber incident to date, and why?

2. What potential, future cyber incident keeps you up at night, why, and done by whom?

3. Why did you compose your team the way you did, and what do you expect will differentiate your team from others?

The competition is designed to provide students across multiple academic disciplines, be they technical or non-technical, a deeper understanding of the strategy challenges associated with cyber security and conflict. Part interactive learning experience and part competitive scenario exercise, it challenges teams to respond to a realistic, evolving cyberattack, analyze the threats and risks and then propose effective mitigating policies and strategies to panels of expert judges. Over two days, the scenario evolves through 3 judging rounds into a grand final in front of a panel of senior cyber security leaders and all the other competitors.

The competition generates and promotes blended learning, communication, understanding and value across all professions and industries that are involved in cyber security. It also emphasises the value of a cyber security workforce with diverse skills which enables a comprehensive national approach and promotes innovation.

Further details can be found at:  https://www.cyber912uk.org/en/