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IAAC aims to research information assurance (IA) issues that are only just emerging and that are not being looking into by other organisations. We believe that no single sector can create a safe and secure information society by itself. Our research programme aims to involve Government, private sector, academia and individuals working together to create a common vision of the future and a shared understanding of the main issues. Through IAAC, organisations and individuals can improve their understanding of the issues, influence national policy and strategy development. They will also play a part in shaping IA solutions leading to a trusted, profitable and sustainable information society.


The purpose of our research is to examine the high level aspects of our chosen research theme, identify the major IA issues involved and outline approaches to address them. We do not intend to enter into a detailed analysis of associated technical, policy, procedural or user issues, leaving these to other bodies that are better placed to address them.


This part of the website describes the two most recent IAAC research programmes, Identity Assurance and People-Centric IA. The outcomes of earlier IAAC research programmes are in the Publications section of the website.



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