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PCIA Phase 2 - Exploration of two specific issues

Though many issues emerged from the phase 1 workshops, two issues in particular attracted IAAC’s attention.  These were explored in further depth in IAAC’s phase 2 PCIA work.  They both relate to the concerns people have about how organisations handle their personal information.


The first issue was covered in a workshop held on the 18th August 2009.  IAAC set out to develop high level guidance for organisations that process people’s personal information so the processing organisation would not alienate the very people whose information it was processing.


The second issue was covered in a workshop held on the 16th February 2010.  IAAC looked at the sharing of personal information between organisations.  Its aim was to develop guidance that addressed in particular the sharing of personal information in those situations where sharing might be in the public interest but is potentially contrary to the private interests of the individuals whose information is being shared.


The reports from the 18th August 2009 and 16th February 2010 workshops are available here and here


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