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IAAC's IdA Programme: Part 2, July - December 2007

The work undertaken by IAAC in the first half of 2007 established that there were several critical goals which the UK Government needed to achieve if national identity infrastructures were to be successful. The most immediate of these was for Government to ensure that any developments it undertook were acceptable to the citizenry of the UK. This led to the theme for IAACs programme in the second half of 2007, "Building Citizen Support for Assured Identity".


The core of IAAC's work in this period comprised two workshops. The first, held on the 4th September 2007, was to examine and understand the needs and concerns of the citizen with regard to the development of national identity infrastructure. It found that people have concerns, some potentially serious, regarding the development of such infrastructure, and that they did not have confidence that UK Government had grasped the full extent of the possible harms which its plans could cause.


The second workshop was held on the 16th October 2007 and looked into the steps UK Government could take to address the needs and concerns that had been articulated. It recommended that UK Government should make sure it understood fully the implications its plans might have on the UK's future digital society and ensures that it does not build an infrastructure and capability antithetical to the type of society citizens desire. To this end, UK Government should put its proposed identity assurance governance arrangements forward for wide discussion and agreement, and then put the agreed governance arrangements in place as soon as possible.


The reports from the 4th September 2007 and 16th October 2007 workshops are available here and here.  


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