Building diversity into cyber security: Diversity by Design

The Information Assurance Advisory Council is running a Diversity Workshop on 2 March at BCS Offices, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA.  Coffee will be available from 0900, with the workshop starting at 0930 and concluding at 15.30.

The workshop aims to develop practical steps for making diversity a natural part of our cyber security profession.  The idea is to bake diversity into the way we work and organise ourselves, as if it were diversity by design.

The workshop will start with a number of keynotes to inspire and help us understand what success looks like and the challenges we face.  We’ll then have a series of short presentations to introduce the factors that influence people’s behaviours and attitudes.  For example, the National Autistic Society have agreed to do a short talk on ’reasonable adjustments’ as an approach for changing the work environment to be more attractive and amendable to autistic people.  Is this a design approaches that could feed into our organisations? We’ll also hear from corporations already making changes to encourage diversity and reduce bias.  We plan to run a short exercise to help us understand unconscious bias.

Using the design analogy, the second half of the day will be a structured discussion and workshop where we will discuss ‘user stories’ regarding our work-based ‘system’.  We want the users to be personas of the people who we need to attract and be represented in the industry.  Through this we aim to establish diversity ‘requirements’ and generate measures that they might be easily adopted to address those requirements.  The event will be written up as a guide to promote and prompt change.  The full workshop agenda will follow shortly.