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Our mission is to advance Information Assurance to ensure that the UK’s Information Society has a robust, resilient and secure foundation.    Further, we intend that users of digital products and services should be confident these are safe and secure for them, their families and their businesses.


The Information Assurance Advisory Council is a unique partnership that brings together corporate leaders, public policy makers, law enforcement and the research community to address the challenges of managing risks to information.   Managing these risks involves both technology and human activities.


We are engaged in the development of policy recommendations to government and corporate leaders at the highest levels. Our recommendations are influential because IAAC's Sponsors and Members comprise leading commercial end-users, government policy makers and distinguished academics. 

IIAC The Directors Guide to Managing Information Risk


IAAC's aim is to work for the creation and maintenance of a safe and secure Information Society. This is achieved by our being a not for profit body with high level support from government, the private sector and academia.


We have established a reputation for being a neutral honest broker of ideas focussed on emerging information assurance issues that are not yet being considered by other parties.

 Latest Reports

Report from the second Korea-UK Cyber Security Research Workshop
Korea-UK Collaboration in Cyber Security:From Issues and Challenges to Sustainable Partnership.
Submitted to the Korean Government and the UK Government March, 2014 by Peter Trim and Heung Youl Youm (Editors)



IAAC Management Committee Meeting

Tue 22nd Apr 2014


 Digital Investigations and Forensics

20 Nov 2013
IAAC’s Guide, written by Professor Peter Sommer, is now in a fourth edition, and continues to be almost the only source of specific information and advice.  The new edition incorporates Cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device and new disclosure requirements.

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